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Burlingame Bikes is proud to carry Morgan Blue cleaning and maintenance products for road, cyclo-cross, mountain and commuter bikes.


Morgan Blue is made in Belgium to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists in the world.  Their lubes, greases and cleaning products were used by 75% of Tour de France teams, all three podium finishers, and the last three cyclo-cross world champions.  Working with these pros helps Morgan Blue continuously improve their products and offer the highest quality available.


Cyclo-cross and road racers, winter weather riders, mountain bikers, and both serious and casual riders will appreciate Morgan Blue Bike Wash, Mud-Off, Clean and Protect, Bike Polish, and bike cleaning tools as well as Morgan Blue Race Oil, Chain Cleaner. All are available at Burlingame Bikes.


Click here for an instructional video by an Omega Pharma Quickstep team mechanic on the Morgan Blue web site.

Click here for an interview with a Morgan Blue rep at EuroBike 2013 and a video of getting the mud off.


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