Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Gift Ideas for Cyclists


We carry a wide range of gift items. We also offer Burlingame Bikes Gift Certificates for merchandise and service. Here are a few gift ideas for cyclists:

Gift Certificate Sample



Front and rear lights

Bike lock

Saddle bag

Tire levers

Tube patch kit

Pump or CO2 inflator


Water bottle and cage


Speedometer/bike computer

“Bike There” map

 Gift w helmet lock bar tape  full size Product 2 2171

To See and Be Seen (and Heard)

USB rechargeable front and rear lights

Lights with replaceable batteries

Reflective leg/arm bands

Mirror for a helmet, handlebar, or eyeglasses

Crisp, clear-sounding bell


Gift saddle bag contents full size Product 2 2169

 Carrying the Goods

Saddle bag



Back pack

Storage “bottle”


Gift Morgan Blue full size Product 2166


(Keep your bike safe, efficient, and fun to ride)

Morgan Blue Products

Mud Off

Bike wash

Carbon polish

Specialty bike cleaning brushes

Chain cleaner/degreaser

Chain lube

Chain keeper

Bar tape


I (Heart) My Bike Shop

T Shirt

Burlingame Bikes T-shirt

Burlingame Bike water bottle

Burlingame Bikes Gift Certificate


Burlingame Bikes Gift Certificate


Basic tune-up

Performance tune

Tune-up plus bearing overhaul


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